Ukrainian guerilla massively uncover and hand over the positions of the invaders

Only in the last week the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed 21 ammunition depots, 17 enemy bases and 2 command posts thanks to point rocket strikes. A significant part of this was determined or verified thanks to the local underground.

One of the components of resistance is informing the Ukrainian military about the actions of the occupier: the location, movement and storage of equipment. With the acquisition of high-precision long-range weapons, the Ukrainian military gained the technical ability to strike warehouses and command centers in the rear of the Russians in the occupied territories.

The Ukrainian underground began to play a big role in this, which transmits new information and helps to verify (confirm) the available intelligence information of the Armed Forces.

It should be noted that earlier we already talked about the history of resistance in the Exclusion Zone of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant during the occupation. At that time, it was the locals in cooperation with the tourist operator who organized daily monitoring of the movement of Russian troops and transmitted data to the Armed Forces.

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