People from Crimea were brought to the pseudo-referendum in Kherson

Locals refuse to go to fake voting and do not open their doors to the occupiers.

People refuse to participate in “voting”. As we have already written, Russians with weapons go to houses and force Ukrainians to sign. And the employees of communal enterprises, most of whom were brought from Russia, are driven to the polling station or organize “voting” on the spot.

Those people of Kherson who refused to participate in the Russian circus are threatened. At the same time, people try not to even open the door to the occupiers. The Russians knew what was waiting for them in the city, so they brought “activists” from Crimea in advance, who formed queues near the “precincts” for the picture.

Ukraine’s Resistance Center urges not to leave the house during the “referendum” period and not to open the door to the so-called “electoral commission” members.

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