Prigozhin’s PMC is preparing a provocation in Belarus

According to information from the Belarusian resistance movement, on September 20, 130 mercenaries of the Russian PMC “Liga” (former PMC “Wagner”) arrived at the Minsk airport with weapons and ammunition. On September 22, 300 sets of Ukrainian military uniforms, which were seized from warehouses in the Kherson region, were delivered to the Belarusian security company “GardService” (which is also considered the first Belarusian PMC). Most likely, this is a sign of preparation for “False flag” provocations to blame Ukraine in terrorism or sabotage against Belarus.

According to Belarusian opposition, sabotage actions on several military and civilian objects are possible, as well as terrorist attacks against the local population in the area of Pinsk, Ivanovo and Kobrin.

Earlier, Alexander Lukashenko has repeatedly claimed, that Ukrainian radical groups and saboteurs allegedly threaten Belarus.

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