Resistance continues

On September 2 2, Ukraine celebrates the Day of Partisan Glory, which is designed to perpetuate the exploits of the underground.

There are people who cannot express themselves personally, because they are constantly in danger of being discovered. Their feats speak for them, and it is thanks to them that Ukraine is synonymous with resistance.

Unknown heroes, despite the risks to their lives, distribute leaflets, draw Ukrainian symbols, destroy Russian propaganda, transmit the coordinates of the enemy, help identify traitors and do not recognize the power of the invaders.

Every day, the underground reminds the occupiers that they are the enemy here.

Every Russian war criminal knows that he is in danger. Each collaborator plans to flee to the Russian Federation, hoping to avoid punishment.

The underground undermines the morale of the occupier and nullifies his plans. The underground is approaching victory and will get it, because it is defending its native land. Glory to everyone who resists! Glory to Ukraine!

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