Resistance forces destroyed an enemy KAMAZ “Taifyn” while the enemy were trying to repair it

Guerrilla fighters conducted a brave operation behind enemy lines in the Kyiv region.

The vehicle was destroyed in the Kyiv region a couple weeks ago. Due to the active phase of battles in the area, we could not film this footage before.

While trying to replace a flat tire, russki occupants lost their worthless lives and an expensive piece of equipment. Russians should remember that death is awaiting them behind each and every corner. In the form of poisoned food, a bullet to the skull, a knife to the throat or a molotov cocktail. All of these are awaiting you, russki soldiers, here.

Remember! Resistance force – are trained fighters with substantial military experience, knowledge and training. If you are a civilian, we suggest taking on un violent forms of resistance and to keep destroying enemies morale.

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