Resistance heroes. Those who “bombed” the streets of Kherson

Every day during the occupation, the residents of Kherson continued to resist the occupation. The National Resistance Center continues to publish videos with those who actively resisted the occupation in Kherson.

Almost every day, the main character together with like-minded people painted the walls of the city in order to put pressure on the occupiers and raise the morale of the residents. Partisans also set up fake cameras to disorient the enemy. In detail in the video:

Note that according to Oleg, they used the instructions from our Center of how to organize the resistance, which are available at the link.

We will remind you that the Center of National Resistance launched a short series of videos dedicated to the heroes of the resistance, because right now a new heroic epic of the Ukrainian people is being formed before our eyes.

Earlier, we told the story of a resident of Kherson who, despite the occupation, kept the Ukrainian flag, hiding it in her own backyard.

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