Resistance is growing – the underground has distributed patriotic symbols in the Kherson region

Activists of the Yellow Ribbon civil resistance movement conducted a raid in the towns of the Kherson region.

Our underground distributed patriotic leaflets marked the space with yellow and blue graffiti and destroyed propaganda periodicals.

“The activists of the Yellow Ribbon movement managed to establish uninterrupted poster printing in Henichesk! Now we print more than 200 posters a day and deliver them to Skadovsk, Zaliznyi Port, Kalanchak and Novotroitske! Distributing leaflets, yellow ribbons, turning Z’s into hourglasses is a powerful tool to raise the morale of Ukrainians,” reads the statement of the Yellow Ribbon.

You can join the civil resistance movement on the TOT via the Razom chatbot.

As a reminder, hackers have gained access to the mail of a policeman who tortured residents of Kherson.

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