Resistance to propaganda. How russians are trying to change the meaning of this war

Russian propaganda demonstrates flexibility regarding the situation at the front and attacks the brains of Ukrainians in the temporarily occupied territories with new theses depending on the situation. The Center for National Resistance has prepared a new review of the lies of the Russians for weeks.

In February 2022, the Russians announced the beginning of the so-called “military operation”, which provided for the overthrow of the legitimate authorities in Kyiv and the establishment of a Russian puppet government.

However, the Kremlin’s plans were hindered by the armed forces and the heroic resistance of the Ukrainian people, and now, instead of stories about the quick defeat of Ukraine, propagandists and Gauleiter explain to the residents of TOT why Russia is on the defensive.

Therefore, instead of the idea of ​​a “small victorious war”, the main idea of ​​the Kremlin became a “patriotic war”. In order to add “magnitude” to this war, the occupiers are trying to convince the population that they are fighting against the whole world.

This week, the leader of the occupiers, Vladimir Putin, was again the main propagandist. In his speech, he talked about the fact that the event actually declared war on the Russian Federation. At the same time, the dictator deliberately avoided mentioning the full-scale invasion, so as not to indicate the root cause of the confrontation between the West and the Russian Federation. Therefore, in this interpretation, Russia is a victim of Western arbitrariness.

What Putin is lying about

Putin’s speech was immediately picked up by the collaborators in order to convey the thoughts of the “wise leader” to the residents of the temporarily occupied territories, because although this message imitated an appeal to the whole world, it was actually aimed at the domestic market.

Yes, Putin once again repeated all the mantras of his propaganda: biolaboratories in Ukraine, nuclear weapons in Ukraine, as well as accusing the West of supplying weapons and starting the war. It makes no sense to comment on biolaboratories, because it means plunging into the world of fictional facts.

Regarding the public desire to obtain nuclear weapons, Putin lied, because Ukraine has never announced its desire to obtain nuclear weapons. On the contrary, Ukraine is the first country in the world that voluntarily renounced it in exchange for security guarantees, particularly from the Russian Federation, which broke its promises.

It is also worth noting the statement about the unipolar world, which is now becoming multipolar. Here, Putin hints that, they say, the West provoked the war in Ukraine, because the USA is “losing its hegemony.” That war was unleashed by the Russian Federation, and the “multipolar world” confirmed its unanimous position at a vote in the Council of the UN General Assembly, when only 5 countries (including the Russian Federation) recognized the pseudo-referendums on the occupied Ukrainian lands.

The main occupier did not miss the topic of “bombardment of Donbas for 8 years”. The country that launched this war in 2014 and destroyed entire cities in Donbas (Mariupol, Severodonetsk) talks about the bombing of Donbas, but cannot cite a single example. After all, neither Luhansk nor Donetsk were under such bombings as the Russian Federation is currently carrying out.

But the main thing is that the propaganda of the Russian Federation for 8 years simulated some kind of struggle for the “independence” of the fictional peoples of Donbas, instead of recognizing the Kremlin’s involvement in the occupation of the neighboring country. But according to this logic, it turns out that the struggle of the republics ended in 2002, when the Russian Federation simply annexed them after they asked for help.

“Patriotic War”

In order to understand how the Russians, with the help of their Gauleiters, “twist” this war, where Russia becomes a victim, it is enough to read one of the Gauleiters of the Kherson Region, Kirill Streymousov.

A local conspiracy theorist received “star time” after the occupation of the city. Now he voices the theses of Russian propaganda, speaking on behalf of the “residents of the Kherson region”, although in the last elections in 2020 he gained 1% in the mayoral elections.

Thus, Streymousov shifts the responsibility for the start of the war to the President of Ukraine Zelenskyi. That is, he accuses the victim of aggression of aggression.

The traitor also accuses Zelensky of “nuclear blackmail”, despite the fact that Ukraine itself has never threatened the world with nuclear weapons, unlike the Russian Federation. At the same time, this technology is pure “projection”, when a person transfers his emotions and traits to another. In other words, Russian propaganda projects onto Ukraine everything it does itself: war, nuclear blackmail, and even the cult of the personality of the state leader.

Note that the very idea that the Russian Federation has to defend itself against Ukraine is unacceptable in Russia’s media polity. That is why the Streymous propagandist is trying to convince the residents of the Kherson region that the whole world has “attacked” them.

Russian propaganda hints at the Second World War – trying to simulate it in this war.

Therefore, Ukrainian soldiers are called “Germans” by stremousov, and Ukrainian roads are called “Russian”.

That is, the collaborator declares that the “Germans” cannot “capture” Kherson due to its incompatibility with Russian roads. This is how Russian propaganda presents the counteroffensive of the Ukrainian military to liberate its territories, which the Russian Federation seized six months ago.

But the war will not become popular without a story about volunteers who stand up en masse to defend their city. But as always, no footage, only words.

Instead, we know that there are no lines to defend the occupiers in Kherson, and even plastered propaganda does not help.

Crimes of Ukraine

A few weeks ago, the Russians faced the acute problem of the fact that the world began the process of recognizing the Russian Federation as a terrorist country. Then, for a whole week, propagandists tried to convince that Ukraine is the terrorist.

Now the Ukrainians have become “Nazis” again, because the relevant subpoena has disappeared. However, sometimes, in order to intimidate local Russians, they organize provocations to accuse Ukraine of terrorist attacks.

Why does Ukraine fire at the police building with a grenade launcher, armed with the HIMARS system, which can inflict more significant damage on the occupiers – there is no answer. There are no shooters either, although it is hard to believe that in a city where every street has an occupier checkpoint and patrols, someone can carry a grenade launcher, hit the police station and then run away without a trace.

Collaborators did not provide any footage of the terrorist attack, as well as the name of the victim. Instead, Zelensky was once again attributed with words that he never said. A typical provocation to incite panic and justify the announcement of the “evacuation” of local residents.

Meanwhile, Volodymyr Rogov, a collaborator in the Zaporizhzhia region, feeds his followers that Ukrainian air defense forces are shelling their cities.

At the same time, Rogov rejoices at the attacks on energy infrastructure facilities, which is pure terrorism, because the strikes are deliberately directed against the civilian population.


On the eve of a full-scale invasion, the Russians played a show with the evacuation of residents of the DPR and LPR. At that time, Moscow accused Ukraine of mass shelling of Donetsk and showed footage of the departure of locals. In fact, no shelling of Donetsk was recorded, nor was there a large-scale evacuation.

Currently, the Russians are working on the same scheme in Kherson. Thus, the Gauleiters of Streymous and Saldo declared about 70,000 evacuees.

At the same time, the occupation administration is talking about 22,000 evacuees and a plan for up to 50,000.

But there is no footage of such a large-scale evacuation, even through the Dnipro, where transportation capacity is limited. Instead, we are shown “volunteers” in propaganda “uniforms”.


The occupiers continue to talk about the improvements brought by the Russian Federation to the region. For example, thousands of job vacancies were reported in Melitopol at the job fair.

Judging by the photo and the caption, there is absolutely not enough people in the city and there is a significant shortage of labor force, because there is no excitement at the fair.

At the same time, the Russians repeat a cynical narrative about the weakening of Ukraine’s economy, ignoring the fact of their invasion and hostilities. A similar situation already occurred in 2014, when the Kremlin blamed Kyiv for the financial crisis provoked by Moscow’s invasion.

However, the traitor forgets to point out that Ukraine has access to world financial institutions and the support of the world’s largest economies. At the same time, the Russian Federation, whose economy is stagnating even without hostilities, is on the contrary under sanctions and with closed access to the largest international markets. Therefore, after the end of the war, Ukraine will receive investments and resources for recovery, including reparations from Moscow, and the forecasts for the Russian Federation are disappointing.

Expect the next review of the lies of Russian propagandists on the website of the Center of National Resistance on November 6.

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