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In the first week after Easter, the enemy paid more attention to religion than to the traditional accusation of its victim of Nazism. The Center of National Resistance has prepared a review of the lies of Russians for the week. Last week we described how Russian propaganda devalues World War II and its victims, trying to recreate the model of this war in conditions when they themselves attacked another country.
This week, Russians have already devalued religion. All these days, the enemy talked about portraits of Vladimir Putin, which he presented to the occupiers during a secret visit to the Kherson region, and speculated on the topic of spirituality. This entire religious theme is intended to play again on the emotions of Russians, where they are at war with the “antichrist” and have only humane intentions. That is, the Kremlin uses the feelings of believers for its own purposes: to kill and conquer new lands.
Particular emphasis was placed on Putin, who condemned his entire country to decline while the entire war was spent in a bunker. His secret visit to the TOT, in order not to be in the zone of a missile strike, is presented as an example of unprecedented heroism.
It is worth noting that during his so-called visit to one village, Putin did not meet with any representative of the occupation administration, which is a more eloquent gesture than the words of the latter about the “greatness of the dictator.”
Yevgeny Balitsky, like all propagandists in general, began to recall how Putin traveled to Dagestan and Ichkeria in 1999. The latter does not comment on the fact that Putin came to Ukraine at a safe distance and did not even go to the Balitsky itself. But the ex-MP mentioned “Nazis” and icons, despite the fact that the dictator, like his father, worked all his life in a structure that fought against religion. If it seems to you that the same person writes texts to collaborators, then you do not think. Kherson occupation administration gives similar theses:
Again about Putin and the mythical traditions of the “Russian army”. By the way, the occupation administration does not know, but in the Russian Empire there was no “Minister of Defense”. Dmitry Milyutin was the “Minister of War”. Kherson collaborator Tatiana Kuzmich says that war criminal Vladimir Putin is “a very spiritual person” and continues the traditions of Alexander Suvorov, because he presented the icon to the occupiers.
Fake-local newspaper “Tavria”, which the Russians created on the basis of stolen equipment “Suspilne. Kherson” created a whole video about the arrival. On it, a bunch of local collaborators on camera say odes to the “Fuhrer”.
Zaporizky collaborator Vladimir Rogov traditionally delusionally wrote to his ruler:
It is not worth talking about the veracity of ratings in the Russian Federation, but in developed societies it is normal when there is political competition. But in fascist countries with a personality cult, leaders have fake “ratings” that they are proud of. But not only Putin was “canonized” by Russian propaganda. This week, the Russians continued to glorify a smaller criminal – Tatar.
Thus, the occupation administration of Kherson region, talking about the explosion of a robber who escaped from prison and was killed during drunkenness, that he is an “angel of Donbass” and died as a “Christian warrior”. The “Ministry of Culture” in the occupation administration of Zaporizhzhia generally forced residents of temporarily occupied Melitopol to listen to the criminal.
All this on the feast of Easter and with the words “Christ is risen.” What a country – so are the righteous. General Roman Kutuzov tried to occupy a foreign country and was killed as an occupier. For this, the Russians erected a temporary monument to him.
Once again, man invaded a foreign country and leveled the city to zero, which had always been under siege, killing tens of thousands of inhabitants. This Gauleiter Denis Pushilin calls “the liberation of the city.” Here is the general “liberated Mariupol”:
The aforementioned Rogov celebrated Adolf Hitler’s birthday this week and paid a lot of attention to it.
In general, a normal person does not know when the Nazi leader has a birthday and a day of death. However, Rogov announced a “counteroffensive” on the day of Hitler’s death, and regretted plans to remove the sign to the NKVD assassins from Zaporizhzhia on the birthday of the leader of Nazi Germany.
With such success, Rogov could identify the bombing of Belgorod by Russian aviation with Hitler’s birthday. Well, once again, the propagandists named the real reason for the war – the seizure of territory.
What if not Hitler’s dream, more territories and “inland seas”. Destroyed cities, destinies, peaceful life among the inhabitants of the region, and now a joyful propagandist tells how the Russians seized more territory and about the “tourists” who are no longer there. At the same time, the aforementioned Pushilin congratulated occupied Syria on its independence.
Syria, which was bombed by the Russians and now has its military contingent there, according to Gauleiter, has strengthened and influences the politics of the region. Well, as for the colonial policy, firstly, France withdrew its troops under pressure from Britain and the United States. That is, it was the West that put an end to colonial policy in the world, until 2022, until Putin began his colonial war to seize new territories. Well, comparing his separatist activities with the events in Syria in 1946, the propagandist Pushilin again speculates on world history. Well, about the logical fallacy of the Russians:
First, there are no battalions or neo-Nazis in Ukraine. Because Ukrainians do not profess the ideology of superiority of their nation over others unlike Russians. Nor do Ukrainians start wars and do not have a cult of leadership. Nevertheless, the main flaw of this post is that for some reason there were no crimes of the Armed Forces in these territories before the invasion, as there are no crimes now. Russians simply rewrite the crimes of their own army to the side of Ukraine, but they cannot explain why the “Nazis” do not commit crimes where there are no Russians. This week, the enemy also sewed a fake about intercepting the conversation of “mercenaries”:
We can help Rogov find out which country the “mercenaries” are from. Judging by the pronunciation – from the Russian Federation. And judging by the fact that phrasal verbs are not used in this dialogue, the level of English of the authors of the video is not high.
For example, in one of the fragments, the actor talks about the impossibility of evacuation from the battlefield and uses the word evacuation, although in English they use extraction for this. In general, everyone can listen to what the Russians are trying to pass off as a real conversation “mercenaries”.
In general, Russians find it difficult to use foreign languages, here is another fake from “Kherson journalists”:
Theatrical correspondence has pronounced errors: “delirium” (nonsense) and “pressed apartments” (wrung out apartments) from a guy named “Mikita”. By the way, local journalists would have noticed a mistake in the dialogue, which only proves that this is a typical Russian media. When Russians have no achievements, they are proud of fictional ones:
No, the BRICS countries have not overtaken the “Big Seven”, and most importantly, the Russian Federation has not overtaken any of the countries of the “Big Seven”. Ranking of countries by GDP level at the link. It’s just that Russia was kicked out of the G7 and now the Kremlin’s henchmen are spreading why the BRICS is better. A man who calls himself the head of the Kherson region, Vladimir Saldo, again showed the unfinished hospital as an example of the construction of the “government quarter”.
We have already written about this case, but the Russians decided to refresh this fake, and it is not difficult for us to refute it again. The footage depicts the long-term construction of the Kozyavkin clinic. Judging by the footage before and after the occupation: the Russians are not actively completing it, it’s just that sometimes a balance comes there in a helmet and with “journalists”. This is how long-term construction looked before the occupation:
And finally, the truth from Leonid:
One of the main tasks of Russian propaganda is to break cause-effect links and mix up events. But let’s remember that on April 6, Leonid Pasechnik celebrated the anniversary of the seizure of the SBU premises in Luhansk.
The traitor then wrote that “Kyiv went with tanks” and “the people of Donbass” seized a “cell of Nazism” in the region, that is, the premises where SBU Lieutenant Colonel Pasechnik himself worked before committing treason.
But on April 14, Pasechnik admits that they declared “war” 8 days later, when he and the Russians seized the SBU building. It is also worth recalling that the first killed security officer was SBU officer Hennadiy Bilchenko, whom the Russians killed on April 13. The day before the “declaration of war by the Kiev regime”.
In fact, Pasechnik says directly that he and his henchmen shook this war with the Kremlin’s money, but does not put emphasis. The next review of the Russian lies is expected on our website on April 30.

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