Resistance to propaganda. How the Russians create the image of terrorists out of Ukrainians

Kremlin propaganda continues to brainwash Russians with images of the looking-glass world. This week, the terrorist country tried to convince everyone that it is at war with “terrorists”.

In the traditions of fascism, the Moscow government creates an enemy to keep society in fear and unite it around the leader. This war helps the main occupier, Vladimir Putin, to hold power in Moscow because, without it, his stay on the throne is unnecessary.

The Kremlin always plays on historical patterns, that is, it tries to draw analogies between this war and previous wars. So, before the invasion, Moscow played out the “Yugoslav scenario” here.

Like, there is a divided country and there are separate peoples who are trying to gain independence, and Kyiv prevents this by force. Similarly, Belgrade prevented the independence of Bosnia and Herzegovina or Croatia.

This is exactly what Putin told German Chancellor Stolz before the invasion, when he reproached him for bombing Belgrade without a mandate. Hinting, why can’t Russia do the same with Kyiv?

At the same time, Russian propaganda constantly talks about biolaboratories, which is a reference to the US invasion of Iraq. Well, the Kremlin’s imitation of the “patriotic war against the Nazis” became a classic, which gained momentum when the “special operation” dragged on.

But the explosion on the Crimean bridge became an excellent excuse for the Kremlin to play out a new war scenario, namely to accuse Ukrainians of terrorism. This is a very good moment against the background of the recognition of the Russian Federation as a terrorist country.

All these accusations have a purpose for each target audience separately: for foreigners, it should cause a sense of ambiguity of the situation, and therefore question the statements and position of their own government.

For the Russians, this is another reason why this war is necessary for them, and not for the Kremlin. And also to additionally accuse other countries of a conspiracy against the Russian Federation, that is, to scare with a collective enemy.

We analyzed in detail how the occupiers tried to brainwash TOT residents during the week regarding:

  • “terrorists” and “Nazis” in Kyiv;
  • improvements on captured regions.


To begin with, regarding the explosion on the Crimean bridge: Russian accusations against Ukraine are baseless, and the so-called “evidence” made public is fake. The very idea that a truck with TNT drove all over the Russian Federation is absurd, because no one would even consider such a possibility at the planning stage.

In the published photos of the FSB, even the photos of the truck do not match. That is, Russian propaganda was even too lazy to make a high-quality fake.

However, even if we assume that Ukraine is really behind the explosion, the bridge is a military object, which is why, by the way, the Russian Federation protects it with air defense systems and constant patrols. And the bridge itself served as a crossing for military equipment. The Russians themselves constantly attack Ukrainian bridges, for the same reasons.

Therefore, it is not a terrorist attack, because a terrorist attack is an attack on civilian objects with the aim of intimidating and destroying the civilian population. The strikes on energy facilities are acts of terrorism, because they are directed against civilians, so the world recognizes the Russian Federation as a terrorist state, and not the other way around.

But the Russians are playing behind the mirror again. For example, Evgeny Balytskyi, the gauleiter of the occupied districts of Zaporizhzhia region, talks about some mythical “terrorist attack”.

Today in the morning there was a terrorist attack on the Crimean bridge.

At the same time, Putin and his minions are proud of the strikes on civilian objects on October 10-11.

Attacks on decision-making centers continue to be inflicted. Everything is in the canons of international practice – a terrorist attack is always followed by a retaliation strike against the terrorists’ lair.

Kyiv put itself on a par with the most odious terrorist groups.

In the morning, a massive strike was carried out with high-precision weapons on Ukrainian infrastructure facilities.

It is especially interesting to hear from Putin about “odious terrorist groups”, given that the Kremlin cooperates with terrorists from the Hezbollah group and the Taliban, which are considered to be odious terrorist groups in the world.

However, in order for Russians not to confuse who really is a terrorist, during the week the occupiers staged a show with “terrorist attacks” in the temporarily occupied territories. So, on October 12, an improvised explosive device near a kiosk was detonated in Melitopol.

Around 6:20 am, an improvised explosive device went off in the market area.

Such a “terrorist attack” at 6 o’clock near the street furniture, about which no one would have heard if Russian propagandists had not started talking about it. But the main question is what “successful actions” of the Russian army is the author of the message talking about?

Meanwhile, the occupiers were looking for saboteurs from AZOV in Donetsk region.

A sabotage group consisting of Azov terrorists was thrown into the territory of the republic

If earlier the AZOV were Nazis, then due to a change in the narrative they became terrorists.

And most importantly, in the paradigm where Ukrainians are terrorists and Nazis, it is very easy to paint the enemy that surrounds the Russian Federation. Especially if this enemy is the whole world. The UN General Assembly voted last week, where 143 countries adopted a resolution not to recognize fake referendums in the occupied territories of Ukraine. Another 35 abstained and only 5 countries (including the Russian Federation) voted against. Therefore, Balytsky wrote almost the whole world as Nazis and terrorists.

Yesterday, the UN General Assembly adopted an anti-Russian resolution condemning the holding of referendums in the DPR, LPR, Zaporizhzhia and Kherson regions on joining Russia.
The structures that were created to build and protect the world today have become puppets of America.

According to the logic of the collaborator, the USA is to blame for this, and for some reason he does not mention in the post the countries of Africa, Asia and other continents that condemned the actions of the Russian Federation. Even the Kremlin’s “allies” China and Iran did not recognize the occupation. In general, this vote destroyed another important narrative of Putin, about the end of the unipolar world.

Protection of the occupied territories

The best example that demonstrates the principle of Russian propaganda is the story about the defense of the OCCUPIED territories.

Mobilized servicemen are coming to Zaporizhzhia region to protect our land.

That is, the Russians are coming to Ukraine not for occupation, but for protection. At the same time, Ukrainians are accused of trying to return our territories, or as the gauleiter of the occupied Kherson region says, “we are taking revenge”.

This is how, according to the collaborator, the peaceful objects of Nova Kakhovka or Chornobayivka look like:

The photos show the detonation of ammunition warehouses located on the territories of cities, which the occupiers place in Ukrainian cities for “protection” from Ukrainians.


While Ukraine is committing “crimes”, Russia is improving the occupied regions. For example, Russians are proud of the lighting near the ice arena in Melitopol.

But there is a nuance, firstly, the lighting was there before, and secondly, the occupiers forgot to indicate that the ice arena was built by Ukrainians in 2021. It was built by the state in 8 months. In 8 months in Melitopol, the Russians were only able to turn on the lights on the sidewalk.

But the collaborator Pushylin talks about the “liberation of the Donetsk airport” from the “Nazis”. It was Ukraine that built this airport, and the Russians “liberated” it, that is, erased it from the face of the earth.

Fighters of the legendary Sparta unit took part in the liberation of the Donetsk airport from the Nazis

Improvement of life

There is no life in all the territories occupied by Russia. A vivid illustration of this is the project to find collaborator “revival leaders”, where young people allegedly apply for jobs in occupation administrations. And on the example of the city of Makiivka (Donetsk region), we can see that there are no young people in the city during the 8 years of occupation.

Representatives of Makiivka youth who applied for participation in the personnel competition “Revival leaders. Donetsk People Republic”.

At one time, the Russians write about the launch of “Promsvyazbank” on the occupied territories, which in fact is not a bank, even if it is subject to sanctions and does not work anywhere beyond the borders.

The fact that there are no other banks in the captured territories is especially interesting in the bank’s advertising. Therefore, this is not an advertisement for a bank, but an attempt to create the illusion that life goes on.

At the same time, the Russians continue their efforts to transfer the newly captured territories to the Russian legislative field. Yes, Russian license plates are being issued in Melitopol, but there are no queues.

The issuance of Russian numbers began in the Zaporizhzhia region. There are no queues at the traffic police department.

But propagandists in the new service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which was built by Ukraine, shoot a story where they justify the lack of customers by the fact that there are supposedly many willing ones and they come according to the schedule, one at a time. That is, as with the referendum, there is no turnout, because everyone voted long ago on one of the five days.

A similar situation with passports.

Queues lined up again at Russian citizenship registration centers today

There are no queues and those who want to obtain Russian citizenship, but collaborationist Vladimir Saldo continues to distort reality and talk about queues for waste paper in the Russian Federation. But propagandists are in no hurry to show these queues, due to the lack of such queues.

Ukraine’s National Resistance Center will continue to inform you about information manipulation by the Russians in the temporarily occupied territories. Expect the next review on October 23.

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