Resistance to propaganda. Review of Russian lies for the past week

The Center of National Resistance continues to monitor the narratives of Russian propaganda, which the enemy feeds to the residents of the temporarily occupied territories.

This week, the main Russian stories which it “sells” on TOT were:

  • the fight against Nazism;
  • Russia is at war with NATO;
  • Russia is restoring the occupied regions;
  • transferring responsibility for the crimes of the Russian army to Ukraine.

At the same time, the narrative about mass support for the occupation by the local population fell out of the “trends”, because the issue of the “referendum” was put on hold. At the same time, the Russians paid more attention to the explanation of what happened in the Kharkiv region. However, about everything in turn.

The fight against Nazism

In the fall, most Ukrainian cities celebrate the City Day, because it was in the fall that they were liberated from the Nazi invaders, and September 11 is the International Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Fascism. Taking into account that for Russians the topic of the Second World War is a “sacred topic”, it is now that Russian propaganda is again actively looking for parallels.

For example, Yevgeny Balytskyi, the chief Gauleiter of the Zaporizhzhia region, believes that there is now a war with “nationalists’ bastards” from the Poltava and Volyn regions. Why exactly Poltava and Lutsk – we do not know, but then the standard thesis that it all finances the event sounds.

Today, unfinished fascism has revived and its ideology has nurtured beasts ready to destroy everything and everything in its path

Halyna Danilchenko, gauleiter of Melitopol, writes a similar post. According to her, everyone now understands why grandparents were so afraid of the “repetition of Ukrainian nationalism.” It is very strange to read this from a former deputy of a Ukrainian city who lived peacefully in Ukraine for 30 years.

We see what Ukrainian nationalism is. And understand why our grandparents were so afraid of its repetition

Note that for some reason both Danilchenko and Balytskyi avoid the word “nazism” and use “nationalism” instead. Although these are different things, because Nazism is the ideology of Germany during the time of Hitler, which assumes the superiority of the Aryan race over others.

At the same time, nationalism is an ideology and policy direction that focuses attention on the role of the nation in the formation of the state and puts national interests at the highest level of values. It should be emphasized here that there is no nationalist party in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, just as there is no Nazi party. And it is the totalitarian ideology, which is built on the idea of ​​the sacredness of the Russian nation and the “Russian world”, that reigns in the modern Russian Federation.

Collaborator Kateryna Gubareva, who works in the occupation administration of the Kherson region, went a little further in the analogies between the homeland war and the Kremlin’s current war of aggression. She offered everyone to sign up as a volunteer, fulfill the norm by 1000% and receive 300 grams of bread a day.

(In 1941-1943) nobody whined, but they went about their business: they made a norm of 1000% and received a ration of 300 grams of bread. Were happy that they help the Motherland.

Well, the peak of the devaluation of the Second World War and its participants was the completion of the reconstruction of the Savur-Mohyla complex. The complex was built in honor of the Red Army soldiers who died during the storming of the mound. In August 2014, the complex was destroyed as a result of the offensive of the Russian army. However, the Russians restored it 8 years later and, of course, blamed the AFU, which “destroyed the complex”, for its destruction.

For 8 years, he was not needed by the invaders, but now times have changed. Of course, the new complex contains the dates 2014-2022, where the heroic people of Donbas are painted. In fact, instead of a complex for the victims, we got a propaganda monument built in the “independent DPR” by the Russians to “implement the decree of the president of another country.”

War with NATO

The Russians are so afraid of the Armed Forces and everything Ukrainian that they explain their “regrouping” in the Kharkiv direction by the fact that they are fighting with NATO. Russian propagandist Oleksandr Kots speaks about this, for example.

Battles in the Kharkiv direction: it was not Ukraine that attacked Izyum, but the NATO team

Every 3rd in the Ukrainian offensive near Kharkiv is citizen of the NATO country

However, this is not a “Western publication”, but a Russian one, which is simply located on a foreign domain. The site is engaged in the replication of fakes for the benefit of the Kremlin and is supervised by Russian special services.

Russian propaganda does not hesitate to make up fictional quotes. Thus, a fabricated statement allegedly from US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken was circulated on Telegram channels, in which he says that the US will not give money to Ukraine if there is no counteroffensive.

Zelenskyi sold 9000 lives of Ukrainian Nazis for the next tranche

The occupiers claim that as a result of the offensive, Ukraine lost 9,000 people, although in the previous news, Russian propagandists claimed that 9,000 soldiers took part in the Izyum area, and a third of them were foreigners. It is also interesting that Blinken in this fake for some reason talks about EU money, although he himself is a representative of the USA.

The occupiers of the south do not forget about NATO. Thus, collaborator Kirill Stremousov declared about the “Fourth Reich, which is trampling the Russian land.” The traitor did not specify which land of the Russian Federation is being trampled by the “fourth Reich” and the real reason for hostilities in the Kherson region. He did not provide any evidence, but instead added a photo that was clearly not taken at this time of year and not in the Kherson region.

Today in Ukraine the collective West actually knocked together the Fourth Reich

Russia is restoring the occupied territories

While the issue of the “referendum” is on hold, the Russians are trying to convince TOT residents that the occupation has brought improvement. However, in the absence of this improvement, propagandists have to paint victories.

For the past week, Russians were proud:

  • a new sign in Kakhovka;

  • a new bench at the stop in Melitopol;

  • repaired traffic light in Melitopol.

Also, Russians traditionally “heroically” try to solve problems that they themselves have created. They prefer not to mention the latter. In particular, the occupiers of the Kherson region report how they are transporting food and medicine by barge, despite “Ukraine’s desire to deprive the residents of Kherson of the possibility of a normal life.”

Contrary to the desire of Ukraine to deprive the inhabitants of Kherson of opportunities for a normal life, there is no food shortage in the city

However, the residents of Kherson did not have any problems with the delivery of medicines and products until February 24, and the responsibility for ensuring the life of the city rests with whoever occupied the city.

Speaking of barges, similarly, the Russians told how they take care of the crew of the Syrian vessel Sea Lord. According to their version, Ukraine blocked the ship in the port of Kherson when it mined the mouth of the Dnieper. Russian propagandists do not mention why Ukraine decided to mine it.

An important point of all Russian propaganda is the projection of its crimes onto others. In psychology, projection is attributing one’s thoughts and intentions to others. Yes, the Russians, having built a fascist state, accuse others of fascism. Using the services of mercenaries from various PMCs, they blame Ukraine for this. Depriving Ukrainians of the opportunity to live normally, Ukrainians themselves are blamed for this. One of the fakes regarding the alleged announcement in Ukrainian schools lists what the Russians are actively implementing in Ukrainian territories.

In Ukraine children are asked to report their parents to teachers [if they don’t support Ukrainian government]

It is Russia that conducts active filtering activities within the limits of which it encourages denunciations. It is precisely for Russians that the cult of the leader and the punishment for his criticism are important. It is in the Russian Federation that the policy of Russification of regions and suppression of other languages is carried out, and it is the Russians who actively use children for their own purposes. They invented all this for Ukraine, having a large number of errors in the text.

The Center of National Resistance will continue to monitor Russian narratives and lies in the temporarily occupied territories.

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