Resistance to propaganda. Review of the key theses of Russian propaganda for the week

The main event of the week in the world of Russian propaganda was the death of one of the apologists of lies – Kirill Streymousova. However, this did not make Russian lies any less. The Center of National Resistance analyzed the main theses of enemy propaganda in a week.

Currently, Russian propaganda has become stable and works more for the domestic consumer. In fact, all “state structures” in the temporarily occupied territories are engaged in imitation of work and creation of an imaginary world for the Russian reader.

Thus, the Kremlin mobilizes its internal electorate for war through occupation administrations that do not have any legitimacy. According to the legend, the local authorities on behalf of oppressed residents talk about the crimes of Kyiv, Nazism, and the war with the whole world. At the same time, Russians are told that their country is the savior of the “wretched people.”

Thus, the idea of ​​a world in which the Russian Federation was attacked and this war is “sacred” is becoming even more entrenched among the masses. Propagandists avoid any neutral wording such as “Armed Forces” or “Ukrainian authorities” and do not mention “SVO” and the beginning of the invasion. A world is simply being built where these lands have always been Russian and the West attacked the Russian Federation with the hands of Ukrainians.

The only difference this week was the nostalgia of collaborators for the USSR due to the “celebration” of the October coup on November 7, because propagandists know that nostalgia is the most expensive emotion. Let’s start our review with this:


They eloquently congratulated the anniversary of the establishment of Bolshevik power in the occupation administration of the Kherson region, where each department gave its own interpretation of these events.

The pension fund talked about the victory of the proletariat over the “regime” of the provisional government. It is surprising that despite the collapse of the USSR, Russians still use the interpretation of Soviet agitprop.

But the Ministry of Digital Development of the occupation administration generally talked about the victory over the capitalists.

The “Ministry of Health” fed its readers the delusion that the Russian Federation had preserved the scientific and medical achievements of the USSR. The high level is the 70th place in the world in terms of the level of medicine and the lack of prospects for improvement due to sanctions in the field of pharmaceuticals, and the absence of Russian universities in prestigious rankings.

“Crimes of Ukraine”

The Russians deliberately ignore the fact that they attacked Ukraine. Therefore, the war is presented exclusively as an armed aggression of Ukraine, which attacks the territory of the Russian Federation.

For example, last week the occupiers talked about a mythical terrorist attack by Ukrainians, after which they restored the supply of water and electricity. Why mythical? Because this is the only report about this terrorist attack this week.

Also, Russian propaganda resorted to frankly cynical statements. For example, the self-proclaimed head of the “DNR” government, and in fact one of the leaders of the temporarily occupied Donetsk region, Vitaly Khotsenko, accused Ukraine of destroying the Kuindzhi museum in Mariupol.

The occupier also accused Ukraine of destroying Ukrainian cities, although all of them were destroyed by the Russian army during the “liberation”. This is especially true for Mariupol. The museum was destroyed on March 21 by the Russians. The city itself was besieged by the Russians for months, and Ukraine could not even physically destroy it.

Russians are allegedly forming volunteer battalions to “protect against Ukrainians”. In particular, Yevhen Balytskyi, the chief traitor of Zaporozhye, met with the “fighters” of one of them.

The main feature of this video is that there is no one from Balic on it. Because there are no 600 volunteers, otherwise they would be shown to the public, without balaclavas.


Nazism is already a permanent heading of our review. Volodymyr Rogov, an employee of the occupation administration of the Zaporizhia region, talks about Russophobia in Ukraine.

The author immediately considers Russophobia fascism, although these are not identical things. But most importantly, the author deliberately replaces the cause-and-effect relationship. In 2014, the Russians started a war in Ukraine because of the alleged “Nazis” in power. The result of this was “Russophobia”, that is, the refusal of Ukrainians to have mental ties with Russian culture as an element of the country’s defense. The traitor puts the protection of Ukrainians as a sign of “fascism”.

In general, during the week, Rogov devoted a lot of attention to the topic of Nazism. For example, he posted on the network fabricated leaflets allegedly issued by partisans in Kherson.

Of course, the partisans would never say “the government of your country”, but Kherson is not part of the Russian Federation. At most, Ukraine is not at war with Putin, but with the Russians, who invaded its territory. Only occupiers such as Hitler and Putin are at war with the “government”, who must suppress the resistance of the civilian population. Residents of Kherson do not resist the Armed Forces, but on the contrary, rejoice at the liberation of the city.

Another fake of the horn about Nazism is the post about the alleged fine of 3,400 UAH for the employee of ZHED for the Russian language.

But it is not forbidden to speak Russian in Ukraine, and this is known in particular to TOT residents. That is, the collaborator works with a fake on the audience of the Russian Federation. And the employee received a fine for refusing to serve in the Ukrainian language during work.

Because the law guarantees every Ukrainian the right to be served in the state language. If a person does not know the language, he has the right to call another employee. The law does not refer to the Russian language.

Well, in this war with “Nazism” the Russians will lose, so there is only one explanation for this – Russia is fighting against the whole world.

Of course, he did not provide evidence of a huge number of “mercenaries”. It is simply important for Russian propaganda to explain defeats by the fact that they heroically held on against a stronger enemy. And Ukraine cannot be stronger, because it destroys the concept of the “Russian world”, where Russia is the main one among the Slavic states.


In order not to overload Russians with negativity, propagandists talk about the improvements brought about by the Russian occupation. This, in turn, should work for TOT residents as well, because it should give hope that life will change for the better soon.

As we can see, the occupiers have nothing to be proud of. Therefore, the Melitopol City Council reported on the installation of video cameras in the market. And in the Kherson region, they are proud of importing “subsidized coal”.

Meanwhile, the main Gauleiter of Donetsk region, Denis Pushylin, feeds the residents of the region with promises about a drinking water plant. The very idea that an investor builds a plant and gives it to the state looks utopian, but in the traitor’s opinion, his subordinates are to blame for this.

It is cynical that the collaborator is proud of the abduction of children to the Russian Federation. The CNS previously described why this is a crime. See the link for details. In cynicism and the use of children for propaganda, Leonid Pasechnik, the Gauleiter of Luhansk Region, is not far behind Pushilin.

Yes, he blames Ukraine for the war that the Russian Federation started against us. The beekeeper did not forget to tell about the “Nazis” through whom the children see this war.

Expect the next review of Russian propaganda on our website on November 20.

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