Resistance to propaganda. What did the Russian Federation lie about this week

Russian propaganda last week continued to simulate a “patriotic war”, where Russia is the victim of an attack by the whole world. Ukraine’s National Resistance Center dissected the Russians’ lies in more detail this week.

The main task of Kremlin propaganda is to create a reality in which Russians must die in a foreign country. For this, it is not necessary to give some facts other interpretations or even to stage them. It is enough for Russians to repeat theses, which should be fixed in the consciousness of the “victim”.

Russian propaganda is aimed at emotions and does not appeal to facts. On the contrary, reinforcing the experiences of the “victim”, it is aimed at forgetting the facts. In particular, the Russians no longer mention the beginning of a full-scale invasion.

Now there is only “Russia”, which was attacked by the West, and which is heroically fighting for the protection of its lands. Why was Russia attacked? Because the whole world is Nazis. In such a situation, all appeals to the facts are corrections, and therefore contribute to the “ambiguity of the situation”, where each side “has its own point of view”.

At the same time, Russia uses double-mindedness, where one thesis of propagandists contradicts another, and the same events are interpreted by them in different ways. The task of such an approach is the loss of the victim to think consciously. In such a system, everything again boils down to emotions, where the main thing is the side chosen by the consumer of propaganda. And here we return to the beginning, where Russia is a victim attacked by the whole world, and therefore deserves support.

Now about all Russian narratives in more detail and one by one.



The Russians are breaking the cause-and-effect relationship so much that they have announced the occupation by Ukraine of the Ukrainian cities of Zolote and Hirske since 2014.

Towns Zolote and Hirske have been under Ukrainian fascist occupation since 2014

Whose cities did Ukraine occupy and why until 2022? There is no answer to this. But there is a video series of the city destroyed by the Russians, which is supposed to illustrate “Nazi crimes of Ukraine.”

Zaporizhia gauleiter Vladimir Rogov went further and declared that Russia was at war with the Polish occupiers.

In the National unity day [Russian holiday] we destroy Polish occupiers again [as 410 years ago]

No Pole was harmed in this video. As there is no occupation by the Poles. It’s just that Russia celebrated Independence Day from Poland, and collaborators generated tons of content where Poland was allegedly fighting against them, because there was a reason to draw another historical parallel.

Mercenaries from Poland shoot Ukrainian Nazis when those demanded from mercenaries to go in a meaningless attack

Here, the Kherson collaborator Kirill Streymousov actually wrote a text about the fire between Poles and Ukrainians. But there is not a single Pole missing in Ukraine. The Russians can’t even find footage of burials, just statements, because the facts are not important.

At the same time, Streymousov scares the residents of Kherson that after the liberation of the city, it will fall into the hands of the “Nazis”.

All citizens of Kherson must leave otherwise you will get into the Nazis hands

However, Kirill himself lived among the “Nazis” for 8 years and had no problems. Moreover, he ran for office in local elections, where he learned that 1% of the population in Kherson trust him. That is, this whole story about defense against the “Nazis” has no logic, because this is a Ukrainian city and all these years it was under the control of Ukraine and the “Nazis” did not commit any crimes.


Yevhen Balytskyi, a former member of the Verkhovna Rada, continues to talk about “Nazism”.

In general, he calls Ukrainians the descendants of the Nazis, that is, he tries to identify Ukraine with Nazism, having been a deputy of this country for 5 years after the “Nazi coup”, and would have continued if he had not lost the elections in 2019, which indicates the legitimacy of his management of the captured territories.


But in the Donetsk they confuse Nazism – the desire to destroy other nations and the belief that your nation is superior to others, and nationalism – love for one’s nation.

Thus, in Donetsk, they are proud of the installation of a monument to the murderer Sudoplatov, who contributed to the fight against “Ukrainian nationalism”. But Putin does not confuse these terms and calls himself a nationalist.

Putin: I am the biggest nationalist in Russia

Although he has just Nazi views. Well, in addition, the above-mentioned Rogov posts a picture with an advertisement for “Wagner” PVK.

Where Russian composers Chaikovsky and Shostakovych are forbidden, they will listen to Wagner!

The irony is that Wagner is Hitler’s favorite composer. And it was because of the Nazi views of Wagner’s leader Dmytro Utkin that the private military company was named. That is, fighters against Nazism glorify the ideas of Nazism.



But the Russians accuse Ukrainians of not only Nazism, as you know. Here Rogov again mentions biolaboratories.

In fact, the UN simply refused to participate in the propaganda rhetoric of the Kremlin, because the Russians do not provide any proof of the activity of biolaboratories, because the facts are not important. The UN did not legalize propaganda rhetoric.


A week ago, the Russians staged a “terrorist attack” in Kherson. In a city where Russian soldiers, patrols and roadblocks are everywhere and “martial law” is in effect, someone allegedly fired an RPG at a building with policemen and ran away.


This week Kherson collaborators reported that the perpetrators were caught and were acting on the instructions of the SBU.

In the video, there is only a streamer who simply tells the story, because no information about the performers, their photos, etc. is provided.


The Kherson occupational police, in their turn, found the hideout of “Aidar” and the American instructors.

The battalion is based in Kolomyia and had no base in the Kherson region. In general, the region has been under occupation for 8 months, and claims that the occupiers have only recently searched the “Aidar base” look absurd.



We have an excellent example of double-mindedness in Vladimir Rogov. Here he rejoices at the shelling of his homeland.

At the same time, he once again repeats the cliché about “Zelensky’s regime”, although the latter has not ruled the country for 20 years like the same Putin. At the same time, he calls the attacks on Melitopol crimes.

At the same time, the Ukrainian army becomes “Zelensky’s fighters”. But Rogov lies even in the description of the work of the Russian anti-aircraft defense, because we are talking about an attack on the base of the Russians at the REFMA plant, and no air defense did not work and the strikes reached the target.


And the traditional rubric of improvements from the occupation, which the collaborators talk about. In Melitopol, already painted pedestrian crossings continue to be repainted, and the city authorities reported on the welding of the pipe.

The same Rogov was proud of the restoration of gas supply in Melitopol.

By the way, there was no gas in the city for 8 months, because the Russians cut off the gas pipeline during the blockade of Mariupol. That is, the traitor is proud of what Melitopol has always had in Ukraine.


At the same time, in the Kherson region, they are trying to explain to locals that after the occupation, the level of coal quality in boiler houses has increased.

Of course, it is impossible to verify such a thesis, and therefore it is an ideal reason to create a “victory”.


In Donetsk, they are proud of the opening of a chain of confectionery products, calling it a great investment in the region.

And finally, cynicism from the occupiers. Yes, in Luhansk they are proud of repairing the bridge with the help of Moscow specialists.

But while in Ukraine, Luhansk could and did repair objects by itself, without the help of specialists from other regions. Well, the thesis that Russia came to create in a region where the Russian Federation destroyed a bunch of cities is cynical.


The accusations of Ukrainian businessmen by the Kherson occupation administration are also cynical.

Businesses that were abandonded by businessmen who ran away are transferring to the temporary administration and are renewing their activity

Occupants rob a business and accuse the victim of running away from looters.


Expect the next review of the Russians’ attempts to distort reality on the website of the Ukraine’s National Resistance Center on November 13.

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