Rocket terror. Russia plans to win by killing civilians

The Russian army’s inability to progress with the tasks of capturing Ukraine has led to rocket terrorism. Putin and his generals resorted to the tactics of terror, systematically killing the civilian population of Ukraine, both within and especially outside the combat zone. Its

 Over the past week, the Russians have increased the number of rocket attacks on civilian objects:

  •  On June 26, the Russians launched a missile attack on Kyiv, as a result of which one person died. The impact demolished the top floors of a high-rise.

  •  On June 27, the Russians launched a missile attack on the “Amstor” shopping center in Kremenchuk in the Poltava Region. The results confirmed the death of 17 people, while 26 people are missing. The Ukrainian rescuers are still looking for their remains. More than 100 people were hospitalized.

  •  On June 28, the Russians shelled Ochakiv in southern Ukraine and a car repair shop in the city of Dnipro. As a result, 5 civilians died, and a child is in a coma.
  •  On June 29, the Russians shelled a residential building in Mykolaiv. 8 residents of the building died.

  •  On the night of July 1, a rocket hit a residential building and a recreation center in Odesa. 20 civilians have already been confirmed dead. Rescue search is underway.

 This scary trend indicates that the Russians have deliberately switched to terror tactics. In all cases, the Russian officials and warmongers could not provide any military explanation in response to the questions. They offer outright objections that contradict the facts and video materials.

Russia is a terrorist country that intimidates the population of Ukraine and raises the stakes of this war in order to force Ukraine to capitulate not by means of war but by terror. The Ukrainians only unite more in response, however, and put up more resistance. This terror solidifies and hardens the resolve to continue until the victory.

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