Russia is trying to destroy Ukraine’s future

The Russians are taking away Ukrainian children from the temporarily occupied territories, and we explain why this crime is aimed at destroying the Ukrainian nation.

The occupiers take children from boarding schools and do not return them to the Ukrainian side. At the same time, it should be noted that not all the children in such institutions are orphans, and some became orphans due to the killing of their parents by the occupiers. It has only been officially established that the Russian Federation forcibly deported about 10,000 Ukrainian children from the occupied territories.

However, according to the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, the forcible transfer of children from one ethnic group to another constitutes genocide. Children are deliberately taken to remote areas of the Russian Federation. In particular, to the Leningrad, Volgograd, Novosibirsk, and Tyumen regions.

At the same time, propaganda uses the theft of children as an excuse to create an emotional background, talking about “children who were saved from the Nazis.”

Although in reality it is not about rescuing children from hostilities, after all, let’s note once again – they are not returned to the Ukrainian side. It is about abduction, with subsequent assimilation among Russians. That is, on the fact of the destruction of an entire layer of the Ukrainian population, which is genocide in international law.

To encourage Russians to adopt Ukrainian children, the Russian government established a monetary incentive – 500,000 rubles for adopting a child. At the same time, on October 22, the government of the Russian Federation issued an order (3116-r) to allocate 353 million rubles for in-depth professional examinations for 88,000 Ukrainian children. Doctors should “assess” the health of kidnapped Ukrainian children from November 1 to December 31.

Note that every crime has a responsible person. In our case, this is Maria Lvova-Belova – authorized by the President of the Russian Federation for children’s rights. She herself actively testifies about her crimes in interviews with propagandists. In particular, she “adopted” a 16-year-old boy from Mariupol.

In the comments, she herself admits that the kidnapped children “at first do not like the Russian Federation”, but then “integrate”. In her opinion, this is a beautiful story about salvation, and as mentioned above, this kind of “integration” is an international criminal offense.

The most cynical thing is that, despite the sanctions of the Western countries, on October 24, Lviva-Belova held a meeting with the chief representative of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees in the Russian Federation, Karim Atassi. At the meeting, they allegedly discussed the issue of providing social support to Ukrainian children. There was no talk of returning the children to the Motherland, and the meeting itself is actually an attempt to legitimize the criminal activities of the Russians in the kidnapping of Ukrainian children.

Note that in addition to removing children from boarding schools, the Russians actively remove children who live with their parents. They are taken to children’s camps in the Russian Federation for “rehabilitation”, after which they are not returned to their parents. This situation is necessary for the Kremlin to force parents to leave their homes and take their children to the territory of the Russian Federation. It is almost impossible to go back, because the Russians imposed “martial law” on the TOT.

In this way, children are kept in camps as hostages, forcing Ukrainians to leave their homes and go to the Russian Federation and become “refugees” who are forcibly integrated into the “Russian world”.

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