Russian airforce strikes Donetsk residents

The Russians are trying to transfer to Ukraine the air strike on Donetsk, which was carried out by a plane of the Russian Air and Space Forces on the city the day before.

Russian propagandists immediately began to cover it as shelling of the civilian population by the Defense Forces of Ukraine. However, as usual, they did not agree on the details. In their material, it was noted that the aerial bomb was “American”, although the details that they illuminated during the filming indicated an ordinary FAB-500 M62 aerial bomb.

планеруюча ФАБ-500

The Russians, as usual, hastily and crookedly tried to make it an analogue of the American JDAM-ER – a gliding aerial bomb, but as expected, nothing good came of it. The result of combat use – in the photo, we can also see the mechanism for adjusting the flight of the bomb, which fell off.

фаб-500 пристрій керування фаб-500

Russian aviators try not to approach the air defense zone of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and dropped an aerial bomb too early and it fell without exploding in the yard of civilian residents of the Kuibyshev district of Donetsk (somewhere on Grekova St., the street is marked in red) and the bomb flight correction mechanism (Mistobudivelnikiv St. 45).падіння ФАБ-500 карта Донецька

And this is not the first case, there have already been cases of Russian aerial bombs falling in the yards of civilians in the central and eastern regions of Donetsk.

Note that another important point is that Russian weapons are not defined by accuracy, because their declared tactical and technical characteristics do not correspond to reality. In particular, earlier Russian propaganda reported on the start of use of the Grom-E1 guided missile, which is based on the Soviet Kh-38 missile.

However, here are the shots where the remains of such a rocket were found in the fields, the rocket did not work on its target and only miraculously did not fly into one of the civilian houses.

This is exactly what the “liberation of Donbas” looks like, as declared by the Russian Federation. Bombardment of Ukrainian cities without regard for the loss of the civilian population in order to satisfy the colonial ambitions of the Russians.

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