Russian Federation contractors refuse to work in Ukraine

Contractors of the occupiers who build fortifications refuse to work in Ukraine.

Thus, the Russian company “Stroycom” refused to send workers to the temporarily occupied regions of Luhansk region due to the inability of the Russian army to ensure the safety of the contractor’s workers. At the same time, not only on the front line, but also in the rear, because the locals do not accept “tourers” from the Russian Federation.

Previously, in the Luhansk region, to the hospital of the temporarily occupied village. About 300 wounded mercenaries of the “Wagner” PMC were delivered to the jubilee in Luhansk region. However, due to the fact that most of them are carriers of such diseases as HIV/AIDS, syphilis, tuberculosis and pneumonia, doctors refuse to provide them with medical care.

We will remind you that at the end of 2022, the Russians conducted a study to find out the true attitude of the residents of the temporarily occupied areas of Luhansk region towards them and conducted an “anonymous” telephone survey. People are interested in attitudes towards the situation in the region, satisfaction with the work of Gauleiter and other problems.

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