Russian gauleiters in the south are leaving the region

The eloquent testimony of the instability that the Russian Federation brings to the temporarily occupied territories is the fact that their proteges themselves are leaving the region.

Thus, the head of the Mariupol administration appointed by the occupiers, Konstantin Ivashchenko, left the city. Officially, he left for medical treatment, but his daughter also left the occupied city.

The day before, the occupiers reported that there was an attempt on the collaborator’s life. The reason is internal clashes among the occupiers over the zones of influence. We emphasize that despite the statement of Russian propaganda about the “return to peaceful life”, the Kremlin brings only death and decay.

The Center of National Resistance calls on residents of the temporarily occupied regions to leave the region. This will help the Armed Forces of Ukraine to liberate your houses. We will return after the victory!!!

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