Russian “journalists” continue to create a network of propaganda media on TOT

In the temporarily occupied territories the Russians opened another pseudo-media which is controlled by the Russian Federation.

This time the occupiers presented the “Zaporizhzhia news agency”. It will be supervised, as well as most of the propaganda resources on TOT, by Aleksandr Malkevich. He will be assisted by the “head of the Zaporizhzhia branch of the Union of Journalists of the Russian Federation” Sergey Korabelnikov, as well as “journalist” Lana Samarin.

Korabelnikov and Samarina have nothing to do with the region and are natives of Omsk, Russian Federation; Samarina previously worked at TASS.

It should be noted that earlier the Russians created the “Kherson news agency”, which is also supervised by the Russians and is located in the building of the local occupation administration.

The occupiers create “local mass media” so that the propaganda sounds like the opinion of the locals. However, the locals refuse to work, so the Russians bring in their journalists and recruit young people from pseudo-social movements for “black work”.

Note that each collaborator will bear responsibility after deoccupation of the region in accordance with the procedure established by current legislation.

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