Russian occupation administration in the TOT of Donetsk region has no support from the local population

In the TOT of eastern Ukraine, the majority of the population steadily continues to adhere to pro-Ukrainian views and does not support the occupation of the region. According to information from the Russian occupation administration, about 72% of the population of the city of Mariupol have a negative attitude to the tasks of the so-called “special military operation” and are looking for new ways to evade receiving an enemy passport. Also, according to the information of the Resistance Movement, the enemy is strengthening the counter-intelligence regime in the city, because it is afraid of the work of the Ukrainian underground and the increase in the number of cases of cooperation of the local population with the Defense Forces of Ukraine.

Therefore, among the main factors that have the most negative impact on public sentiment among the local population is the fact that the enemy attracts workers from Central Asia and the Caucasus to construction work, which has led to a worsening of the crime-related situation in this region.

Despite the difficult situation at the TOT of the Donetsk region, the National Resistance Center thanks the citizens of Ukraine who actively transmit information about the activities of the enemy and collaborators to our chatbot.

Also, we urge local residents who are still thinking about cooperating with the enemy to refrain from such an idea, since the Ukrainian Resistance Movement has already destroyed many collaborators and representatives of the ROA.

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