Russian pensions are not taken in the Kherson region

In the Kherson region, russian occupiers are trying to bribe the local population with social payments, but a large number refuse to take the enemy’s money.

Russian tactics in the occupied territories are primitive. By blocking social benefits from Ukraine, they deliberately create a humanitarian crisis, and offer their social benefits, but on the condition of obtaining a passport. In this way, the Kremlin simulates support from the local population. But there is one but. The local population mostly does not support the occupiers, and therefore refuses to participate in his imitation. Yes, even among the socially vulnerable sections of the population, there are cases of refusal to receive pensions.

At the same time, many people do not apply for pensions at all, but Russians began to “issue” pensions with tacit consent. Thus, the russians include “dead souls” in the data of their occupation pension fund in order to inflate the indicators of pension issuance. In this way, the occupiers simultaneously overestimate local support indicators and appropriate funds.

We will remind you that the Russians continue to issue their passports in the temporarily occupied territories in order to “legalize” their war of aggression, but the pace of passporting is a failure for the enemy. Thus, in Berdyansk, from July to almost the end of August, only about 800 people received Russian passports. Note that before the war, more than 113,000 people lived in the city, of which 88,000 were adults.

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