Russian propaganda lies about the involvement of “marker” robots in the invasion of Ukraine

Russian propagandists began to distribute videos of where the “Marker” robotic complexes allegedly arrived in Donbas, but the reality, as always, turned out to be different.

Such a video was shared by Boris Rozhin. In the video, we see a prototype of a robotics complex, which is being developed by the “Fund for Advanced Research” under the Government of the Russian Federation.

However, in the released footage, we do not see a hangar somewhere in Donbas, but a garage in Taganrog, near the building of the Southern Federal University, the Department of Mechanics and the Foundation for Advanced Research Projects (FPI).

Thus, the participation of the prototype in the war with Ukraine is another fantasy of Russian propagandists, which aims to raise the morale of Russians and give faith in the “wunderwaffe” (a German propaganda stamp from the Second World War about a weapon that will change the course of the war).

We will remind you that earlier we reported that the enemy was conducting an information campaign about the battles for Bakhmut. For this, they are shooting staged videos of the battles for the city.

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