Russian propaganda. What the Russians lied about this week

смартфон, телефон

The enemy continues to conduct an anti-Ukrainian information and propaganda campaign with the aim of justifying the tasks of the so-called “special military operation” and provoking mistrust of Ukrainian society in the top military and political leadership of Ukraine.

The Kremlin is taking measures to increase the efficiency of the information segment in the Ukrainian direction. In particular, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, Sergei Lavrov, signed a confidential order on the creation of a working group to increase the effectiveness of the information and propaganda campaign against Ukraine.

The main goal of this activity is to “ensure coordination of efforts to prepare initiatives aimed at comprehensive use of disinformation materials regarding the Ukrainian side.”

The main theses that the enemy plans to spread:

– any mention in the broadcasts of any military formations, except the Russian Federation, is excluded;

– to note that the losses of the Defense Forces of Ukraine significantly exceed those of the Russians, but do not emphasize specific figures;

– not to deny the destruction of infrastructure objects in the temporarily occupied territories, as well as to generate versions that will bear the character of “military necessity” on the part of the occupying forces.

– comprehensive support for the actions of Vladimir Putin.

Also, the main goals of the information campaign of the enemies were focused on:

– counteroffensive actions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine;

– the situation around Kakhovskaya HPP and Zaporizhzhya NPP;

– the so-called peaceful settlement of the situation in Ukraine;

– the prospects of Ukraine’s accession to NATO;

– disruption of international support to Ukraine in the context of the meeting in the Rammstein format;

– implementation of the “grain agreement”.

In particular, the main theses:

– “intentional undermining of the Kakhovskaya HPP by Ukraine”;

– “the coordination of the dam explosion was with the USA”;

– “Kyiv has intentions regarding provocations at the ZNPP”;

– “shelling of the ZPP by the Armed Forces of Ukraine”.

– “in Africa, they consider it necessary to end the conflict in Ukraine as soon as possible”;

– “Ukraine and Western countries ignore the peace initiatives of African states”;

– “Russia has never refused negotiations, but they are blocked by the Kyiv regime at the behest of the US.”

– “lack of prospects for Ukraine’s accession to NATO”;

– “premature delivery of F-16 aircraft”;

– “Russia will fulfill its set goals”;

– “The West does not have the opportunity to strengthen the air defense of Ukraine.”

Also, this week’s top topic was the terrorist Putin’s statements at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (PMEF). There, he tried to assure the domestic audience of the supposedly socio-economic stability of the Russian financial sector, that Western sanctions only make Russia stronger.

In particular, the following theses were spread:

– “the Kremlin’s economic strategy chosen at the beginning of last year worked, as the economy of the Russian Federation is developing better than the Western economy”;

– “the government of the Russian Federation managed to neutralize the negative impact of foreign companies leaving Russia”;

– “the oil and gas market of the Russian Federation has success and brilliant development prospects”;

– “Western countries will soon suffer a strategic defeat”;

– “the crisis in Ukraine is beneficial to the West, as it is an excuse to cover up its problematic issues in the economic sector.”

Summarizing the above, it is predicted that the Russian disinformation campaign continues to spread theses aimed at shaking Ukrainian unity, as well as increasing the mistrust of residents of EU countries and Ukraine in their leadership, because propaganda is the main pillar of the Kremlin regime, on which it places its most hopes.

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