Belarusian underground monitors the movement of exercises between the troops of Belarus and the Russian Federation.

Today, at the training ground “Brestsky” of the Brest region of Belarus, military exercises continue between servicemen of the 38th brigade of the special operations forces of the Armed Forces of Belarus and their Russian counterparts from Russia. Thus, according to the Belarusian underground, personal conflicts between servicemen are exacerbating at this training ground – this concerns both everyday problems and personal communication, since Russian “special forces” during joint training consider it necessary to accuse their colleagues of evading the so-called participation in the “special military operation”.

In this regard, periodically there are fights between servicemen. Moreover, this situation once again proves that the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation not only can behave inadequately, that on the battlefield, that with the local population in the TOT, they also do not hide their desire to “dominate” their so-called partners in the territory of the Republic of Belarus.

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