Russians are blackmailing people to lure them to TOT

The Russians threaten to “nationalize” the housing of Ukrainians if they do not return to the occupied settlements by October 1.

A large number of Ukrainians are leaving the temporarily occupied territories – and this is the right decision. After all, the Russians want to use our citizens as a human shield in the defense of the captured territories. And also to force people to come to a pseudo-referendum in order to create a propaganda picture.

Therefore, the occupiers, in the course of preparations for the so-called “referendums”, call on local residents who have left the temporarily occupied territories to return to their homes by October 1. In case of refusal, the Russian invaders threaten to “nationalize” the housing.

The Center of Resistance once again calls on people to leave TOT, and those who have already left – not to return. After all, such calls are a provocation and a Russian trap.

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