Russians are creating an information blockade on TOT

The occupiers are creating an information blockade for the residents of the temporarily occupied territories.

Thus, the enemy launched a program of free equipping TOT residents with satellite dishes and receivers that have access only to the “Russian Measure” TV channel package. In this way, the “propaganda in every home” program is actually being implemented. At the same time, Ukrainian sources of information are blocked.

Note that the technical components of the equipment that the occupiers give away for free are not known and may contain spy devices for tracking and identifying the population disloyal to the occupiers. Therefore, the National Resistance Center calls on TOT residents to ignore the relevant “gifts”.

We also emphasize that at this moment it is important to convey information from the free world to the residents of TOT, so do not forget to communicate and support people in the occupation. Let’s fight the information blockade together!

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