Russian security forces are working on a plan to combat the underground in the TOT.
In Moscow, under the chairmanship of the Director of the FSB of the Russian Federation A. Bortnikov, a meeting of the National Anti-Terrorist Committee of the Russian Federation was held by video conference. This event was attended by ministers of all levels of the power bloc and Chief of the General Staff V. Gerasimov. The official purpose of the meeting is to improve the prevention of terrorism in the field of education and youth environment. What is more, the enemy intends to pay special attention to countering the so-called “ideology of terrorism and neo-Nazism” among young people in the temporarily occupied territories. However, in fact, Russian security forces are trying to find new ways to put pressure on the underground in the TOT. After all, current measures do not give the desired result.
At the same time, the occupation administration intends to strengthen responsibility for disseminating pro-Ukrainian information and identifying cells of the resistance movement. Thus, the results of the meeting of the Anti-Terrorist Committee of the Russian Federation indicate the preservation of the occupation policy of the Russian Federation aimed at eradicating Ukrainian identity and imposing the ideology of the “Russian world” on Ukrainian youth.
In addition, it should be emphasized that the occupiers are afraid of the resistance of our partisans, so they are increasingly beginning to put these topics on their agenda, especially during meetings of law enforcement agencies. However, they will never be able to cope with our underground, the Russians do not understand that we are on our own land and will continue to fight for independence.
The Center of National Resistance is grateful to the residents of the TOT for informing the defense forces about the movement and location of the enemy. We remind you that you can do this through applications and instant messengers convenient for you. In particular, a telegram bot of resistance, the Security Service of Ukraine or through a form on the Center of National Resistance website.

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