Russians are forming a “children’s army” at TOT

The Russians are creating centers of their “junior army” in the temporarily occupied territories, which are being formed among schoolchildren.

The enemy began to engage in the militarization of Ukrainian children in the south of Ukraine. Centers of the “youth army” were created in Henichesk (Kherson region) and in Melitopol (Zaporizhzhia region).

In Melitopol, the center is located in one of the premises of the Pedagogical University named after Makarenko. The head of the cell became the so-called rector of “Melitopol State University” Andrii Chuikov. In Henichesk, the Russian Serafim Ivanov, who was brought to Ukraine from St. Petersburg by the occupiers, is responsible for the militarization of children.

Note that the “youth army” is a militaristic association of schoolchildren under the auspices of the Ministry of “Defense” of the Russian Federation, similar to the “Hitler Youth” in Nazi Germany. Participation in the association is supposedly voluntary, but in most regions of the Russian Federation, schoolchildren are forcibly enrolled in the ranks of the “youth army”.

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