Russians are increasing payments to doctors in order to interest them in going to Ukraine

Due to the resistance of doctors at the TOT, the occupiers have to involve doctors from the Russian Federation.

In the temporarily occupied territories, Russians have a severe shortage of doctors. Among those doctors who did not leave the TOT the majority oppose the occupiers and do not sign treaties with the Russians. However, they are trying to treat the local population and sometimes outside the hospitals.

Due to the aggravation of the humanitarian crisis by the Russians on the TOT, the death rate among the civilian population is increasing. This significantly increases the degree of social tension. In addition, the quality of medical care has significantly decreased due to the repurposing of civilian hospitals into military hospitals.

The occupiers have already established a system of so-called business trips of Russian doctors to the TOT of Ukraine. But the number of volunteers is not enough. Therefore the Russians are introducing additional payments from 4.5 thousand to 18 thousand rubles to those specialists who are illegally on the TOT. Payments will be made at the expense of the pension fund of the Russian Federation.

The Center of National Resistance calls on the residents of TOT, if possible, to leave the territories under the control of the Ukrainian government and not become victims of the humanitarian crisis that the occupiers created.

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