Explosions continue to happen in the temporarily occupied territories, and the National Resistance Center has prepared a new overview of news from the temporarily occupied territories.

The Russians are looking for a SRG, but in vain.

On October 25, an explosion happened in Melitopol near the building of the business center of Yevgeny Balytsky, the chief traitor of the region. It is in the basement of this building that the city’s Gauleiters, as well as FSB snipers, conduct gliders. Also in this building the television of Kremlin propagandists ZA-TV is situated.

At the same time, the Russians intensified repression against TOT residents. Yes, the occupiers have strengthened filtration measures. Now they began to “check” the phones of local residents, selectively stopping people on the streets. The inspection is carried out in compliance with Vladimir Putin’s decree on the introduction of the so-called martial law

When checking, the occupiers are interested in Ukrainian applications, subscriptions to Ukrainian media and correspondence. In fact, the Russians failed to win the support of the local population and responded by intensifying repression and introducing censorship.

In the village In Prishyb (Zaporizhia region), the Kadyriv personnel have increased the number of vehicle checkpoints and are conducting raids on local residents.

At the same time, the occupiers are so afraid of the Ukrainian “SRG” ​​that they even check each other. Thus, militants at checkpoints arrange checks on Buryats based in nearby Mykhailivka.

But in addition to inspections, the Russians began to man the hatches to prevent the movement of the Ukrainian “SRG”. It should be noted that the mass sealing of manholes exposes local residents to danger, as it blocks utility workers and firefighters from accessing strategically important communications.

The enemy is creating a humanitarian crisis to force residents to leave their homes

In particular, in the Kherson region, Russians do not supply food to kindergartens, explaining this by “debts” of the institutions. At the same time, the Russians released loyal prisoners from the correctional colony No. 90 in Kherson in order to incite a criminogenic situation in the city, and therefore to get the locals to agree to the “evacuation”.

The Russians also take Ukrainian children to the Russian Federation under the pretext of “resting in children’s camps.” However, the parents were then confronted with the fact that the children were “delayed for an indefinite period” and ordered to hand over warm things. Children were also illegally sent to local Russian schools for further Russification.

In fact, the children are now hostages of the occupiers. With the help of which the Russians want to take the parents of the children to the Russian Federation, i.e. deport the local ones.

In addition, the Russians cannot find volunteers and plan to mobilize local men. In particular, in the Kherson region, the Russians are calling on everyone to join the ranks of the “terrodefense”, and there are no people in the city who are willing to risk themselves for the sake of the occupiers. The agitators of the occupiers walk around the city and post leaflets, but in vain.

Finally, the Center of National Resistance prepared a story of the occupation of the city of Trostyanets (Sumy Region). About how the local authorities organized the life of the city and coordinated resistance to the occupation – see the link.

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