Russians are looking for TOT collaborators to hold elections in 2023

In the temporarily occupied areas of the Donetsk region, preparations for the “single voting day”, namely the “governor” elections, have begun.

As part of these elections, which will be held on September 10, the occupiers plan to hold elections for Gauleiters of the captured regions. The occupiers plan to create a “regional election commission” by March 10.

In the future, district, territorial and precinct election commissions should be created. Currently, the occupiers are compiling lists of collaborators who will help them conduct a staged show called “elections in the Russian Federation”.

The National Resistance Center emphasizes that aiding the enemy is subject to criminal liability, which will surely follow the de-occupation of the regions. Lists of all traitors will become known to the public even earlier.

We will remind you that earlier we published a list of traitors who helped organize elections in Crimea.

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