Russians are preparing a new “filtration” wave on TOT

The occupiers are preparing for a new mass check of residents of Kharkiv and Kherson regions for “loyalty”.

In particular, a large-scale check of phones is planned for the presence of Ukrainian applications (in particular, banks and online education). In addition, the Russians are increasing the number of roadblocks between populated areas in the south.

At the checkpoints, residents are asked about the presence of military records, owned vehicles, addresses of personal accounts in social networks, with further verification.

Therefore, the National Resistance Center calls for caution and to leave the region if possible. We also remind you that on the center’s website there is an instruction on cleaning the phone and behavior during arrest.

Also, clear your browser history and unsubscribe from Ukrainian Telegram channels before going out. You can save links to verified news resources as a QR code.

How to disable the saving of search history in Chrome or Edge: a minute solution.

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