Russians are pressuring the local population to take Russian «IDs»

In the temporarily occupied village of Kyrylivka, Zaporizhzhia region, Russians are going to evict everyone who has not taken a Russian passport. Collaborators serving in the Yakymivka district police department of the occupation police are going door to door and demanding to see a Russian passport. Anyone who does not have one is put on a list and threatened with forced eviction if they do not get a passport in a week.

On June 9, local residents were visited again in Kyrylivka. About 20 people without Russian passports were detained at mobile checkpoints and taken to the police station.

In fact, in all medical institutions of the TOT in the south, the enemy blackmails medical workers that if they refuse to obtain their Russian passports, they will be deprived of their salaries or fired. However, despite all the threats from the invaders, most medical workers refuse to receive Russian passports and continue to care for the civilian population.

If you have any information about people involved in the repression of civilians in the TOT, please report them to our Telegram chatbot.

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