Russians are threatening to introduce the ruble and failing passporting pace on the occupied territories

In the occupied territories the Russians express threats in order to speed up the introduction of the ruble. Also they have a poor record of passporting.

So, in the south, Russians are actively distributing their fake receipts for paying utilities in rubles. However most locals understand the legal worthlessness of these pieces of paper. Therefore, the Russians threaten them. In particular, in Kherson, the occupiers gathered the heads of condominiums and threatened with “preventive measures” if the residents of the buildings do not pay in the “interests of the Russian Federation”.

However, such meetings did not produce results. In general, despite the enemy’s efforts, most of the payments takes place in hryvnias. This is especially true in the private sector which almost entirely accepts payment in hryvnias.

The situation with the passporting is no better. Despite the fact that the active spreading of 10,000 rubles in exchange for receiving the invader passport continues. So far about 10,000 residents of the occupied Kherson and Zaporizhzhia regions, that’s about 1% of the adult population who have received such red paper.

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