Russians are trying to informationally influence the residents of TOT

The occupiers are trying to increase the informational and propaganda influence on the population of the temporarily occupied territories of the south and east of Ukraine.

Thus, at the beginning of June, the occupiers plan to open regional branches of the Russian state support fund for the participants of the Russian-Ukrainian war (the so-called “special military operation”) “defenders of the fatherland”. The purpose of the expansion of these regional branches will be to direct resources to support and increase the rating of Putin’s terrorist party – “United Russia”.

Handy political technologists have also developed a plan of measures to influence the population of TOT, especially the youth, which involves the formation of public opinion about the so-called support of the Russian youth for Russia’s armed aggression against Ukraine. On this topic, the enemy plans to organize various thematic events, exhibitions of children’s drawings, letters with the words “gratitude to the defenders of the Russian Federation.” The implementation of such measures will be actively supported by all hostile mass media.

We will remind that the occupiers are brainwashing Crimean children.

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