Russians blackmail pensioners with social security payments

The Russian occupation administrations forced pensioners on the TOT to renounce Ukrainian citizenship and obtain Russian passports.

The Kremlin is trying to bribe citizens of retirement age with “social assistance” in the amount of 10,000 rubles. To receive it, it is necessary to reissue the pension under Russian laws, including obtaining a passport.

Also, Russians have not paid “social benefits” for child care for two, and sometimes three, months. All these measures create such conditions to subjugate the population and make it completely dependent on the occupation administrations and handouts from the Kremlin.

The National Resistance Center calls on citizens to keep documents certifying the identity of a citizen of Ukraine and their property rights. In no case do not give the original documents to the institutions created by the occupiers. After de-occupation this allows you to confirm your status as a citizen of Ukraine and all property rights. If necessary, use copies of documents on TOT, citing the loss of originals due to hostilities or a natural disaster.

The occupiers and traitors will be responsible for the humanitarian disaster in the temporarily occupied territories, and for this to happen, report information about the enemy as soon as possible in our Resistance chatbot.

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