Russians blocked the exit from the south

Since October 1, the occupiers have introduced passes for exiting the occupied regions of the south, but due to the slow pace of processing applications, the exit is currently almost blocked.

So, on October 3, only 32 people were able to leave Kherson. In total, only 51 people were able to leave the Kherson region in October. This is despite the fact that the total queue of willing people exceeds a thousand people, and there is a queue of more than 200 cars to leave.

The procedure for introducing passes was introduced on October 1, but the process for obtaining them lasts 10 days.

Earlier, Ukraine’s National Resistance Center described the procedure for obtaining a “permit” to leave, during which the occupiers collect personal data of the population. It is also one of the levers of pressure because it is the occupiers who now determine whether a resident can leave for free territories.

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