Russians bring military ammunition to TOT under the guise of a humanitarian aid

Even after declaring a full-scale war, the occupiers continue to bring military ammunition to Eastern Ukraine under the guise of humanitarian aid.

So, on November 5, 60 tons of cargo were brought to Lysychansk from the Republic of Tatarstan to supply the troops in the Bakhmut direction. It is mostly winter uniforms for occupation troops.

On the same day, 110 tons of food for the occupation contingent arrived in Luhansk. It is known that these are stocks from the Russian Federal State Reserve Agency (Rosrezerv), which ensures mobilization deployment during martial law. In both cases, Russian propaganda presented it as the delivery of “humanitarian aid” to the residents of the TOT from the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

Russians have been actively using this tactic since 2014, it gives them the opportunity not only to create the image of a “good force”, but also to hide military goals. If these convoys are attacked, they will immediately declare that a humanitarian cargo for the civilian population has been attacked.

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