Russians bring their agents of influence to the TOT to justify the occupation

The occupiers use Russian agents of influence in Western countries to spread narratives about the alleged “Russian ownership” of the Crimean peninsula and the legitimacy of the attack on Ukraine.

For this purpose, Russian agents are taken to the temporarily occupied territories. Yes, French citizens of Russian origin are currently illegally staying in Crimea: Serhii Kapnist and Mykhailo Vinogradov.

The first is a descendant of Russian white emigrants who currently serves the Putin regime. The second is a descendant of the Russian regional historian Vasiliy Vinogradov. Both work in the “Russian Society of the Red Cross”. It should be noted that Russian propaganda focuses on the French passports of the two tourers, despite the fact that both of them not only have Russian roots, but also currently cooperate with Russian structures.

However, even such “tours” will not change the fact that the world community does not recognize the occupation of Ukrainian territories, and the Russian Federation will have to leave Ukraine with the subsequent payment of reparations at the expense of the Russians.

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