Russians cannot find collaborators to create «sports federations» in the TOT

The so-called federations work without the status of «legal entities», because there are no willing people who want to head such «organizations».

The Russians have not yet created legal grounds for «legitimizing» a number of organizations operating in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine. The so-called legalization takes place solely to provide a propaganda picture to show how the Russian Federation «is establishing life in the TOT». All organizations created by Russians in the TOT have nothing to do with the law and the wishes of the locals.

But if there are certain structures that are created for laundering budget funds and are headed by Russians, then there are absolutely fake «institutions» that are not needed. For example, the so-called sports federations. Local collaborators do not want to lead such organizations officially in order to avoid punishment. After all, most have already understood that with the de-occupation of settlements, Russians simply leave local collaborators. However, «sports federations» are needed for the occupation administrations for a propaganda picture. Therefore, these organizations operate completely fake, having neither funds nor people.

If you have information about persons involved in such «organizations», report them to our chatbot.

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