Russians cannot find traitors, and the underground destroys the enemy – a review from TOT

In the temporarily occupied territories, the enemy continues to be eliminated until the Russians cannot find the traitors. A review of the main events from TOT this week – further.

Liquidation of Russians and other resistance to the occupation

In Nova Kakhovka, the underground blew up a car with four occupants. In particular, in Nova Kakhovka, members of the “Atesh” partisan movement blew up a car carrying Russian military personnel and representatives of the special services. As a result, two occupants died, two more are in serious condition.

In the temporarily occupied areas of the Luhansk region, partisans destroyed the cabinet of the Central Security Service on the Shchastya-Starobilsk railway section. The cabinet is responsible for automatic dispatching of traffic.

Therefore, the enemy now has to control traffic manually, which reduces the maximum speed of the trains, and therefore the capacity of the section. As a result of underground operations, the occupiers on the front lines will have to wait for ammunition.

It is worth noting that the logistics of the Russian army is built precisely on the railway, which plays a decisive role for the army of the Russian Federation. Thus, the destruction of the railway infrastructure deprives the enemy’s army of mobility.

Activists of public resistance to the occupation “Yellow Ribbon” continue to exert psychological pressure on the occupiers.

Thanks to the activists, every Russian in the temporarily occupied territories knows that he is the enemy and the occupier. This time, activists spread Ukrainian symbols in Crimea. In particular, in Sevastopol, Simferopol, Feodosia and Yalta. Ukrainian symbols were also spread in Donetsk.

Refusal to cooperate with the enemy

In the temporarily occupied areas of southern Ukraine, captured enterprises cannot work at full capacity due to the departure of highly qualified labor. The enemy captured a number of factories, but they cannot work at full capacity, because the personnel refused to work for the Russians.

Nothing in the Russians betrays the occupiers like the fact that the locals refuse to cooperate with them. Therefore, Moscow has to simulate local self-government in the captured lands with employees brought in.

Yes, the Kremlin does not have a sufficient number of collaborators, and therefore the enemy began a program of training “specialists” from the Russian Federation to work in “local” administrations. It should cover 6,000 people. The training of employees is carried out by the Russian Academy of National Economy under the President of the Russian Federation, that is, the Vladimir Putin Academy.

Ukrainian children on TOT continue to study in online schools, but the Russians are trying to stop it by force and drive schoolchildren to propaganda centers.

Thus, in the temporarily occupied territories, “juvenile affairs commissions” were created, which, with the help of fake courts, issue fines to parents for the education of their children in Ukrainian schools.

The commissions arrange raids, especially at the places of residence of children who miss many classes in “Russian schools”. During inspections, the occupiers pay attention to laptops and tablets, which can be used to teach children.

In addition, the Russians are trying to find partisans. Houses are searched, focusing on basements, storerooms and garages. If the garages are in cooperatives, the Russians demand the presence of their owners.

Therefore, the National Resistance Center calls for caution and to leave the region if possible. We also remind you that the Center’s website has instructions on how to clean your phone and how to behave during arrest.

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