Russians complete “early voting”

The occupiers have finished the first episode of the play called “elections” in the temporarily occupied territories.

In Russian society, “elections” are a ritual that has no effect on anything and serves only for propaganda purposes, as they are not a tool for changing the government in a country of total dictatorship. The main purpose of this year’s “elections” was to demonstrate the loyalty of the TOT population to the occupiers.

However, the local population ignores the “electoral process”. To conceal this fact, the occupiers invented “early voting”, during which for eight days the “election commission” employees went around the villages under the supervision of machine gunners and organised “mobile polling stations”.

From September 8 to 10, the enemy held “elections” at permanent polling stations, and in order to explain their emptiness in advance, they pretended to have an “early voting” turnout:

TOT of the Kherson region (53%);
TOT of Zaporizhzhia (27%);
TOT of the Luhansk region (26%);
TOT of the Donetsk region (45%).

In other words, the enemy wants to convince us that half of the voters live in hard-to-reach areas, which is how the Kremlin explains voting at the place of residence. We emphasise that the occupiers do not know how many people currently live in the TOT and give only pre-drawn percentages without the number of people.

Even in Russian propaganda photos, ballot boxes are empty and there are no queues. Although the occupiers organised the distribution of food packages, promised discounts on services in exchange for voting, etc. However, this did not yield results, and there is no picture of the excitement at the “elections”.

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