Russians confiscate Ukrainian books on TOT

In the temporarily occupied territories, the Russians are en masse seizing Ukrainian books from captured schools and libraries.

Thus, according to reports from the Luhansk Oblast, the so-called “Ministry of Education and Science of the Luhansk People’s Republic” (representatives of the occupation authorities in Luhansk Oblast) sent a document to the heads of city and district administrations, as well as sub-departmental educational organizations, advising them to remove books from school library funds from a list in which 365 positions.

Fiction, history books, biographies, and essays related to Ukraine were banned. It is recommended to remove: literature about the Holodomor in Ukraine, textbooks and reference books on the history of Ukraine, comics, journalism published after 2014, books from the “Famous Ukrainians” series, fiction about “events of the period of recent history” in Ukraine and Donbas.

Note that the day before, the occupiers raided Melitopol’s libraries, where Ukrainian literature was also seized.

It should be noted that in September the occupiers already reported on the removal of “Nazi” literature from the libraries of the Melitopol district. However, almost every week they continue to carry out raids and “find” even more “Nazi” literature, gradually removing all Ukrainian books.

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