Russians continue the forced passporting of residents of the south

According to information received from the network of the resistance movement in the temporarily occupied territories of the Kherson region, the enemy continues measures aimed at the forced passporting of the local population.

In particular, in Zalizny Port, the following scheme of involving the population in obtaining Russian passports is used – first of all, lists of persons who claim to receive social benefits (pensions, benefits, unemployment benefits) are drawn up, after which the specified category is forcibly given red waste paper under the threat of deprivation of benefits .

A scheme of pressure on business is also applied – when licenses are revoked, permits and orders are revoked, or business activities are generally prohibited until business owners receive Russian passports.

We will remind you that the residents of Melitopol have invented new ways to ignore the passporting of the enemy. So, the main thing is to get in the electronic queue and skip it, which will automatically force you to re-enroll in the queue and repeat the procedure. This makes it easier to check at checkpoints, because you have a message about entering the queue for a passport.

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