Russians continue the ideological treatment of Ukrainian children

In the temporarily occupied territories, the occupying administrations continue to take measures aimed at the forced integration of Ukrainian children and youth into the Russian socio-cultural space.

In particular, the occupiers plan to open additional specialized facilities called “children’s recreational center” (Russian: “детский досуговый центр”).

The project is overseen by Putin’s party “United Russia” and will be implemented from the beginning of June 2022, and its curator is the deputy head of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, Anna Kuznetsova.

As of 2023, the specified “children’s permission centers” were opened in 12 settlements of the TOT of the south and east of Ukraine, in particular, on March 25 such a point was opened in the city of Melitopol.

Such “centers” are used for ideological processing of children and youth. Key narratives are theses that should form a distorted interpretation of the war in Ukraine, children are also forced to learn the Russian anthem and history.

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