Russians continue their covert mobilization in the south of TOT

The Russians continue to disguise an international crime as a “voluntary initiative” and carry out the mobilization of residents of the temporarily occupied southern territories.

To begin with, the enemy creates a system where life without obtaining a passport of the Russian Federation is almost impossible, because it does not allow you to receive services, help or even have a job. At the same time, Ukrainian passport holders are threatened and regularly subjected to checks.

After the Russians finished forming “military commissars” in the TOT of Kherson Oblast and Zaporizhzhia, men of conscription age, after they still decide to receive red waste paper, are immediately issued a summons. Already in the so-called Military Commissariats they are offered to conclude a contract with the Russian army, and the reservists are immediately mobilized.

The relevant practice is currently most widespread in villages, but city dwellers should not wait for it to spread to the entire region and should already now report places of accumulation of equipment and service members of the Russian military in the region. Everyone can speed up the liberation of their native land.

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