Russians continue their “evacuation” in the Kherson region

The occupiers continue to incite hysteria among the residents of the Kherson region in order to force them to “evacuate” to the Russian Federation.

For this, in addition to informational pressure, they resort to provocations and artificial creation of a humanitarian crisis. The enemy constantly announces the “bombing of cities” and sets deadlines for leaving, threatening that leaving the city will be blocked from day to day.

The plan of the occupiers is simple – to create a picture of a mass exodus of Ukrainians due to the crimes of Ukraine. This is what the Russians did before the full-scale invasion, telling stories about the “bombing of Donbass.”

Another goal of this operation is the deportation of Ukrainians to the Russian Federation and the release of their houses for occupation by mobilized soldiers. At the same time, those who do not leave their homes will become a “human shield”.

Thus, in Nova Kakhovka, the Russians began to stop the functioning of state institutions. Disconnection of communications and the Internet is also practiced, allegedly due to “Ukrainian shelling”. At the same time, the “evacuation” continues, in particular, people are being taken to the Krasnodar region. Residents of the villages of Beryslav district are also being deported.

But if the Russians were really interested in the safety of Ukrainians due to possible hostilities in the region, then the Russians would not have blocked residents from leaving the territory under the control of the Government of Ukraine. But currently, the Russians hardly issue “permits”.

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