Russians continue to mobilize but cannot hide from the underground – a review from TOT

The enemy has started a new wave of mobilization in the temporarily occupied territories, nevertheless, the locals continue to give the location of enemy bases to the Armed Forces. The National Resistance Center has prepared a fresh overview of the main news from the TOT.

The Russians remain the occupiers for the locals

The underground continues to promote the flourishing of “cotton” at the military facilities of the occupiers. On January 10, an ammunition storage has detonated on the territory of the Hydromash plant, which was seized by the Russians in the temporarily occupied Melitopol. The explosions lasted for several hours.

By the way, if you have information about the movement and placement of enemy troops, write through a special form.

The enemy, on the other hand, is intensifying filtering measures in the temporarily occupied territories and unsuccessfully fighting the hryvnia. In particular, this week the Russians strengthened the police-administrative regime and actively checked citizens.

Now, during phone checks, the occupiers demand to delete the applications of Ukrainian banks, in particular, Oschadbank, Privatbank and Monobank.

In addition, the Russians put pressure on entrepreneurs who continue to use the hryvnia. With the beginning of the new year, the occupiers began raids among local entrepreneurs who oppose the introduction of the ruble into circulation and continue to use the hryvnia.

The invaders demand to set price tags only in rubles, but this only led to the fact that the population switched to cashless payment, and sellers still indicate the price in hryvnias.

Meanwhile, activists of the “Yellow Ribbon” movement continues to work underground in the temporarily occupied territories. In particular, dozens of leaflets were distributed in Donetsk the other day. The locals continue to demonstrate to the Russians that Donetsk is Ukraine.

Mobilization to the ranks of the enemy army

Unfortunately, the Russians continue to use TOT residents as a resource. The death of Ukrainians is beneficial to the enemy, regardless of which side he is fighting on, because it only strengthens mental differences.

According to our underground, people with disabilities are being forcibly mobilized in the temporarily occupied territories of Donetsk region. They are hired as drivers. The mobilized are also used in the ground units of the occupying forces.

In order to replenish the losses in manpower, the enemy does not stop mobilizing the male population in the temporarily occupied territory of the Luhansk region.

The National Resistance Center reminds you that if you or someone you know was forcibly mobilized to the TOT, contact the hotline of the “I want to live” project: +38 066 580 34 98 and +38 093 119 29 84.

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