Russians continue to pursue a policy of brainwashing Ukrainian children

діти, школа, промивання мізків, вчителі

Schools in the temporarily occupied territories continue to serve as propaganda centers. 

For example, on the TOT of the south, Russian teachers touring the region on behalf of the Kremlin conduct “historical talks” in schools in the occupied region. 

They tell Ukrainian children that the modern Russian Federation is the heir to Rus`, and its contribution to modern civilization is fundamental. 

Children are also taught that the USSR single-handedly defeated Hitler’s Germany, denying the facts of the alliance between the two totalitarian empires in 1939-1941.

Of course, during such “conversations”, Russians deny the existence of the Ukrainian nation and shift the blame for the war onto the Ukrainian state.

This is a deliberate policy of genocide aimed at destroying the self-identity of an entire generation of Ukrainians. Everyone involved in these “conversations” will be punished for crimes against the Ukrainian people.

If you know the personal data and plans for the movement of persons who commit such violence against the minds of young Ukrainians, please report the information through the official chatbot and together we will stop them.

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