Russians create cadet units in schools on the TOT

In the temporarily occupied territories of the Kherson region, the Russians are carrying out measures aimed at improving the image of the military service in the Soviet Union.

Thus, in the educational institutions of the Skadovsky district, during pre-conscription training classes, students of grades 10-11 are campaigning for military service in the ranks of the enemy’s army.

In addition, the occupation administration announced the creation of cadet classes in schools in the Skadovsk, Kalanchach, Novotroitske, and Genichesk districts. In order to motivate young men over the age of 15 to study military affairs in depth.

According to preliminary information, young men who have the appropriate training will have the opportunity to hold primary management (sergeant) positions in the event of a draft for military service.

We will remind you that earlier the National Resistance Center described in detail how the Russians are engaged in brainwashing young people on TOT with the help of a network of pseudo-social movements.

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